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You can participate at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. My sessions  provide an online platform that invites you into weekly ZOOM classes. You'll be able to  see and interact with me and other class members. Weekly assignments are posted on a private Facebook page that only those participating have access to.

Our online journaling courses are brought to you by the many generous folks who responded to a recent survey. One hundred per cent of those who participated said they would recommend my online courses. Here are some of their comments.

  • “I learned that I still have a way to go in understanding myself and some of the reasons I make the choices I do.”

  • “I liked the opportunity to invite my creativity into the healing process.”

  • “This really hit home for me how much I put everyone ahead of myself and do not check in with my feelings first. It made me more aware and also feel supported in putting myself first. If is not selfish…it is self care.”

  • “…There was no part of this course that I didn’t enjoy and learn from. Each lesson opened itself up for more introspection and reflection.”


We’ve made registering and participating in our Online

Journal Writing Courses as easy as pie.

1. Choose the online workshop in which you would like to participate.

2. Click the register button and pay for your course. Please ensure

    I have your email address.

3.  You will be contacted  with information on how to login to Google Docs

     and ZOOM sessions.

4. Read through the week’s posts and complete the exercises.

5. Post your responses to Google Docs. Everything posted on the

    Google Docs page and discussed in the ZOOM room is completely confidential.

    Only those participating in your course will be able to see your posts.

6. Feedback at any time is highly encouraged.

7. At the end of your course you’ll be asked to complete an evaluation to ensure I am providing you with the experience      you desire.

8. As with other courses the workshop will not go ahead until at least 6 people are registered.



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