The story of how one family's determination to leave the totalitarian abuse of Eastern Europe behind led son Serge Kujawa to become one of Canada’s preeminent Crown prosecutors responsible for handling some of the country’s most notable criminal cases, including the Colin Thatcher murder.


The memoir covers eight decades, from Serge's early years in Europe and his family’s immigration to Saskatchewan, to his struggle to overcome prejudice and become a Crown prosecutor and later a member of the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly.

This is the story of Lieutenant-Commander D.T. Tudor, who was evacuated to Canada from Wales with the onset of WWII and joined the Royal Navy at 16. His first assignment after training was to pull bodies from the water on D-Day.


His story is one of victories and sadness as he managed surrenders and the release of broken prisoners of war, watched the mass immigration to Israel, the Cold War manoeuvres and the struggle to form Canada’s first submarine fleet in the 1960s.

Herein is a history of the HVAC industry, a family memoir and a corporate history of the 100-year-old Calgary firm H.F. Clarke.


This unique memoir tells the story of how men applied their innovation and drive to the use of pipes, valves, pumps and boilers to meet the demands of a growing western Canada. Of how H.F. Clarke endured through two world wars, a depression and over a century of Canadian economic ups and downs.



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