Consumers from around the world want more wholesome food and drink these days, and they want it now. This trend is pushing Alberta natural food and drink purveyors to...

Journals and diaries. You probably think they're only used by giggly teenage girls or distinguished elder statesmen. You might want to...




When Elvis Presley crooned these forlorn words back in 1960 only 25 per cent of us admitted to feeling occasionally lonely.  Our friends were close, our relatives closer, and our on line time was limited to...

Government policies that slow Canadian oil exports with pipeline stoppages and environmental quagmires are forcing bitumen producers to think outside the traditional one-dimensional models about how they...

Ever since cannabis use moved out of the back alley and into the open in Canada, marijuana companies have been scrambling to make the most of their first move advantage. With a projected growth in Canadian legal cannabis spending estimated to rise from US$569 million in 2018 to nearly.. 

Broad based. From beer to health drinks, airlines to bitumen transport, cannabis to petrochemicals and journal writing to identity politics. I've covered it all and then some.


Original. Engaging article ideas. No formula writing here. 

Balanced. Looking at both sides of a story.

Well Sourced. Contemporary experts. Backed by statistics.

Clear & concise.  Without oversimplifying or under simplifying the complex.

Accurate. Pre-fact checked.

On deadline. Of course.

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...We are the new lost generation. Our minds are so befuddled and bemuddled by our internet/

technology habit that our thinking, problem solving and imagining muscles have become severly atrophied. Surfing the net, emailing, texting and even using computer software have all become part of another pleasure addiction to which we have become so reliant that the very scintilla of pressure to choose "independently' sends us rushing for our internet connection.

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