Are you tired of outside voices dictating what’s best for your health and wellness? TV and radio ads, family and friends all nagging you to go to the gym or diet, take pills to lose weight or to consume magic supplements that will heal you. When deep inside you know it’s your voice that truly counts. The neglected sounds of those aches and pains you often feel helpless to heal. The voice of your inner wisdom that knows what you need better than most.


Write Way to Wellness offers you an opportunity to listen to your body’s wisdom, to your Inner Healer, and forge your own path to wellness through journaling. Journal writing techniques skillfully designed by pioneer Kathleen Adams and contained in a comprehensive Write Way to Wellness Workbook help you tap into your body’s resources to discover new perspectives on how you can reach your optimum health.


At the end of this weekend intensive you will have deeply explored your health from every possible point of view. For example you will be looking at such things as:


  • Your Life Balance
  • Ways to Dialogue with your body
  • New perspectives on your health history and habits
  • A wellness assessment
  • A Relaxation Method
  • The impact of small losses
  • The self-healing Pennebaker journal method
  • The 5 mystical keys to wellness
  • Tapping into dreams as a resource


You will leave with a practical, wellness plan designed by you according to what you feel is right for you and your body and that compliments existing treatments.



Price: $280 + GST per person payable at registration (Includes workbook)

Write Your Way to Wellness


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