Electronic communications, bless its’ digital heart, has made life pretty convenient for us. But in exchange something has been lost, perhaps a tiny part of our humanity? 


Conversation is the most human thing we do. We’re fully present. We learn to listen. It’s where we develop our capacity for empathy and where we experience the joy of being heard. Of being understood. It’s conversation that advances self-reflection, the cornerstone of early development and what helps us manage challenges and opportunities throughout our lives.


This workshop will teach you (or you and your family) some journal techniques you can use to re-generate your ability to deeply connect. At the same time you'll learn techniques that can help you to find ways to integrate the digital aspect into your life that will put you in charge.


This workshop can be modified to suit families. It is an ideal way to open a conversation between members of your family about use of digital communications. 


Duration: Four weeks. 10:00 am - 2:00 pm weekdays/Saturdays OR 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm evenings.

Price per individual:  $210 +GST per person upon registration

Family rate: (Includes two adults & at least one child): $375 +GST per family payable on registration. 



We Need to Talk: Navigating conversation in a digital age


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