You recognize creativity as a central source of meaning in your life. But lately you find your motivation/inspiration--your MUSE--is taking too many coffee breaks and vacations or simply gone AWOL developing a creative crisis. If so it's time to call in the creative big guns.


The 9 Modern Day Muses (MDM) and Bodyguard are a highly trained para-creativity unit called in to tackle situations outside of the capability of conventional inspirational forces and requiring stimulating tactics beyond standard issue. This elite squad offers specialized ways and tactics necessary to restore, revitalize and maximize yiour creativity and minimize chances of getting twisted off, lost, stuck, or giving up. At the end of the 10 week workshop you'll create your personal MUSE--fully qualified in all MUSE team tactics--to conduct regular status checks and inspire you to protect your creative brilliance by:


  1. Discovering ideas and how to avoid creative road blocks by paying attention;
  2. Tapping into new innovative and imaginative sources when baricades occur;
  3. Incorporating play, silliness, nurturing and encouragement (because experts say fun is the key to creativity;
  4. Understanding the creative side of "oops," "whoa," and mistakes;
  5. Encouraging the breaking of rules to find solutions outside of the conventional box;
  6. Bucking up your courage to embolden uninhibited uniqueness;
  7. Re-enforcing the need for pauses, diversion and gratitude;
  8. Recognizing that your creative genius is at high risk and learn to manage the madness & darkness that comes with the territory;
  9. And getting going and use your revitalized creative engine.


Duration (10 Weeks): Weekdays 10:00 am - 11:30 am


                                 Weekday evenings 7:00 - 9:00 pm


                                 A weekend intensive


Price: $290 +GST per person (includes a $30 textbook) payable upon registration.

Your Muse Is In: 10 Ways to Achieve Uber Creativity


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