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Authentic life story?

"The best writers have to have an unusual amount of self knowledge. We [writers] must deeply examine our lives like a personal psychoanalyst. When you write from this place it is uniquely you." (Salmon Rushdie, Masterclass)

 Like fiction writers who develop each character's background before setting pen to paper, you need to ensure you have a deep knowledge of yourself before starting your life story, whether you're working on your own or with a coach or ghostwriter. This self awareness serves as a touchstone you can use to help you understand your life course, the places and people that were part of your life, and the  decisions you made along the way.

Father and Son Playing

Utilizing this type of self-analysis provides you with the understanding you need to inform your reflections--an essential part of memoir--that enable you to weave a self from the warp of 'what was' and the weft of 'what is' and bring meaning to your life. If you're working with me I have techniques to make this process easier.

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