About Journal Writing

The Journal to the Self Workshops are an invitation for you to:


  1. Gently, but powerfully, explore the various aspects of yourself, your life and your relationships with others;

  2. Re-imagine or remember who you are;

  3. Find and fulfill your deepest desire;

  4. Discover your authentic voice;

  5. Become more efficient;

  6. Tell your story;

  7. Tap into your creativity (e.g. the writer within);

  8. Discover your strength, wisdom, depth, energy, soulfulness and wholeness;

  9. And if you choose--because the choice is always yours--to share the gift of you work with others, it is an invitation to enrich and deepen your understanding of the human condition.

You don’t have to know how to write.


The Journal to the Self workshops offer you a toot kit developed by Kathleen Adams that provides simple ways to get started and easy-to-use techniques to keep you going. Depending on the needs and goals of your group/organization/company, or foryourself, a workshop can be custom designed using the appropriate techniques and to suit your budget, time availability and purpose.

You can keep a Journal in as little as 15 minutes a day. 

The 18-technique tool kit that will serve as the resource for any workshop design includes:

  1. Alpha poems

  2. Unsent Letters

  3. Artmaking

  4. Topics du Jour

  5. Captured Moments

  6. Time Capsule

  7. Character Sketch

  8. Stream of Consciousness

  9. Clustering

  10. Springboards

  11. Dialogue

  12. Perspectives

  13. Dream Log

  14. Lists of 100

  15. 5-Minute Sprint

  16. Inventory

  17. Guided Imagery

  18. Inner Wisdom


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