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The story behind the authentic method

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Memoir is a form of life writing that demands much of the author. Gone are the days when a simple, chronological life story with just facts and events were enough to satisfy the reader. Today's modern reader wants to see how you made it from A to B, what you think and feel about it, and how you found meaning so they can identify with your story and not feel so alone in the world.


To accomplish this requires an authentic representation of self which is only possible if you have an effective self-knowledge base from which to work. Authenticity is best achieved through participation in memoir's self-making process. It has long been understood that this genre involves a transformation/revelation of self through the process of writing. As you record your life and reflect on it you formulate an altered self, a self informed by new understandings. 

Sharon's memoir writing method is designed to help you set your baseline of self-understanding, guide you through the various aspects of memoir--theme, characters, plot, setting etc.--and get you writing. In an online class setting you will not only commit your new found skills to the page, but take part in ongoing critiques with classmates that will help you bring your writing to the next level. You can also work one-on-one with Sharon to compose your life story or have her coach or write your memoir.

The online course, Being YOU in Memoir, is the signature authentic writing method. It can be molded to whatever design suits you or your group. It is commonly offered in 8-10 week online packages and uses a private online board where participants can post work for comment or take part in discussions. 

Other memoir writing options are available such as:

  • "Beyond the Yawn: How to Avoid Six Common Memoir Writing Mistakes"

  • "Ghostwriting: Writing a Story That is Not Your Own"

  • "Vision, Voice & Story"

  • "Legacy Writing For Future Generations." 

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