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Before you hire a memoir ghostwriter

Before you hire a memoir writer it’s a good idea to look at what material you have to work with. For inspiration assemble everything you have kept that reminds you of the past from: old photographs, mementos, school records and year books, to diaries and journals, letters, newspaper or magazine articles. You get the idea. Look through the historical materials you have assembled and make notes or record on tape the memories or feelings aroused by them.

Image by Henri Pham

When you are eating a preferred type of meal, drinking a favored beverage or smelling a favorite flower, cologne or perfume jot down memories and feelings associated with the smell and tastes. Perhaps it’s a particular song, book, hobby or sport that takes you back? If so make some notes while you are enjoying the music. Think about the people you have known from the past and make some notes or record on tape what you remember about them. Visit old haunts with your notebook or tape recorder.

You might also find it useful to talk with friends or relatives about your memories because memories tend to stir up more memories.

​Look through other memoirs and find some that you would like the memoir writer to emulate in terms of voice and tone.

In preparation for the initial meeting give some thought to what you want to achieve by having the memoir prepared, who will be your readers and what your focus will be. What will frame your memoir? Growing up? Your military service? Your career? A special relationship? A spiritual quest? A limited period in your life? You may want to jot down some notes on the particular period of time, events or people that you want to feature in the book.


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